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Paris et l'impressionnisme

DVD 30 mn 18,00 € free shipment

Paris au fil de l'eau (Paris along the Seine river)

This film is a journey along the banks of Paris in the 1550's. Integrally reconstructed in computer images, you will cross the city from East to West discovering it, as it was in the 16th century. The film is a very accurate reconstruction of Paris at this time and is a pleasant cruise with some actual views of the most beautiful masterpieces of the middle ages (demo on French page). (FR)

Paris et l'impressionnisme

DVD 55 mn 23,00 € free shipment

Paris et l'impressionnisme

This film is a journey back into the streets of Paris on the very site where the Impressionists set up their easels. 14 famous paintings will be analyzed in details, to discover the particularities of each of these artists who revolutionized painting. (EN, FR, GER, ESP, ITAL, RUS, JAP)


DVD Les Chefs d'oeuvre de l'Art Roman

DVD 58 mn 23,00 € free shipment

Les Chefs-d'oeuvre de l'art Roman

The Gregorian reform, which takes its name from the Pope Gregory VII, will modify the Church and will multiply Roman style churches on nearly two centuries. This DVD offers you to browse the main leaders of this masterpieces time in France both in terms of architecture, sculpture, murals and glass. (EN, FR, GER, ESP, ITAL)

Paris au Moyen Age DVD


DVD 35 mn 17,00 € free shipment

Paris au Moyen-Age

A unique and original reconstruction to discover the island of the city modeled as it was very likely at the end of Middle Ages. This DVD offers to extend the magic moment of discovering Paris seen on France television's show "Des Racines et des ailes". (FR, EN)

DVD La Sainte Chapelle de Paris

DVD 90 mn 23,00 € free shipment

La Sainte-Chapelle

A unique and very detailed visit of the Holy Chapel, relics of Christ's crown and masterpiece of Saint Louis.
A documentary in two parts. The first one focuses on the architectural aspect while the second one explains in detail about a hundred windows of the chapel. (EN, FR, GER, ESP, ITAL, RU, JAP)

DVD Les vitraux de Chartres

DVD 75 mn 23,00 € free shipment

Les vitraux de Chartres

After a 15-minute visit of architectural masterpieces of the cathedral, the DVD shows us specifically 16 of its finest stained-glass windows. The approach is not only historical but also religious, aesthetic and didactic. (EN, FR, GER, ESP, ITAL, JAP)