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Paris le Petit Pont
Vitraux de Chartres_documentaire
La Sainte Chapelle de Paris_documentaire

The heart of Paris
A 28 minutes walk in the Island of the city at the end of Middle Ages.
Not to be missed!

The stained glass windows of Chartres.
75 minutes of comments on the most beautiful Romanesque windows of Chartres since their recent renovation.

75 minutes to learn everything about the masterpiece of St. Louis.
Architecture, sculpture and stained glass windows are covered by this efficient and exhaustive documentary.

Chefs-doeuve art Roman_documentaire
Le Carreau du Temple
Paris Bastille reconstruction


To discover the most beautiful creations of this time, architecture, sculpture, painting and stained glass.

Returning to the spot where they were painted, a detailed study of 14 Impressionist paintings representing famous landmarks of Paris.

(... coming late 2012), after the island city, find the Louvre, the Tour de Nesle, St. Germain des Prés, the Bastille, the Temple enclosure, etc..

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