The Temple a site full of history and completely destroyed

Parisian former priory of the Order of Templars established in the twelfth century in the Marais. During the Revolution, the Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem (the Temple established in the fourteenth century) were expelled; Louis XVI and the royal family were imprisoned in the dungeon in 1792 which were still visible in front of the line current Mairie of the 3rd district. With the historian Philippe Simon and meticulous work of graphic designer Michael Douaud, this reconstruction of buildings has been carried out faithfully.


    Le Temple
The Donjon
  Plan bale Temple
At the time of the Templiers
Porte du temple
The gate of theTemple

The dungeon of the Temple was turned into a prison to incarcerate the royal family. Shameful symbol of their painful martyrdom, Napoleon demolished it between 1808 and 1810.

  The Rotunda

Part of the Enclos du Temple, the Rotunda of the Temple, built in 1788 by architect Perrard Montreuil, enjoyed extraterritorial privileges granted to this forum. The shops will be rented so the price of gold and there were a refuge bankrupts. (from Wikipedia)

  The wooden halls from the architect Molinos
  Halles Molinos

A decree of the First Consul in 1802 permanently establishes the trade in "old clothes, old clothes and rags." The architect Molinos four wooden sheds built between 1809 and 1811 from the Rotunda to the Rue du Temple. Streets are drilled around, with names of Perrée and botanist Du Petit-Thouars. Mecca of old clothes, the market has its own vocabulary, some words have remained as "chick" (client, originally), "Embers" or "dosh" for money. (from Wikipedia)