Leptis Magna, the African Roma

Leptis Magna "African Roma" located in Tripolitania is one of the best preserved Roman sites ever. The show "Des Racines et des ailes" generously devotes a film about its reconstruction using computer graphics. No fewer than four companies took part in the reconstruction work under the supervision of Professor Andre Laronde, archaeologist and specialist in Great Leptis.

    Leptis Magna
Place of the Great Nymphé
  Grand Nymphe


At the top of the Via Colonata we evolve into a place where an exedra facing the fountain of Grand Nymphaeum. This huge fountain, adorned with precious coverings, columns of pink granite and green cipolin dripped water niches containing statues of white marble.

  The Via Colonnata
  Via Colonnata


420m long and 20m wide, 250 columns cipolin, these are the proportions of this extraordinary path that would port of Leptis to the place of the great water-lily to the baths and the palaestra. By the way, huge gates gave access to the Basilica and the Forum.

  The Severan Basilica
  Basilique Severienne


Built during the reign of Septimius Severus, the Basilica of impressive dimensions (92mx40m) consists of two facing apses, a nave and two-stage supported by two Colonades pink granite from Egypt. The apses covered with white marble contained statues of white marble.


  Leptis the Great
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