Seen on TV: our reconstructions of historical sites in Graphic Computer Images.
Paris Notre Dame Moyen Age_recon
Chartres reconstruction_reconstitution
Leptis Magna_reconstruction
Paris Ile de la Cité

The Palace and the Cathedral. A unique walk in the island and its monuments faithfully reconstructed.


Its reconstruction campaign. After the fire of Saint Fulbert, the main stages of reconstruction.


A place of wealth and an incredible dimension, from the basilica to the great nymphee.


Abbatiale de Cluny
Le Carreau du Temple
Paris Bastille reconstruction

The disappeared Cluny abbey. The fully restored abbey disproportionate.


The Paris site no longer exists reconstructed in 1808, just before the destruction of its iconic tower.


The Porte Saint Antoine, the channel, the wall of Charles V, the Billy tower, the suburb, the abbey of Saint Antoine ...


The original site of the city in all its glory as it appeared at the time of the Aztecs, with the pyramids and its many canals.

Ancient Khmer city, capital of Cambodia from 928 to 944, located 100 km northeast of Angkor.